Saman Massage - by hand

The massage of the Saman Massage involves a combination of three types: Swedish, Shiatsu massage and Indian.
Its duration varies from 35 minutes to 45 minutes. Try it and you just feel your body, really, to flutter!!

Massage Exfoliation

Take advantage of your massage program by combining it with your use Saman Dust. It is a powder of vegetable origin (it contains: Ammonia from the region, Dried Fruits, Lemon, Baking Soda, Chios Mastiha, Almond Oil, Rosenero and Parmesan Soap) ideal for exfoliation, giving a unique experience of Relaxation - Wellness and detoxification. Note: Ask for a free of charge 60gr of mineral powder!

Saman Massage - Electronic

For optimum relaxation combine podomasaz (15 ') - massage chair (15 ') is a sofa - bed not with coins but with PC. PC capable to adapt to any body type, offering the maximum comfort and relaxation and massage (40 ') 70 minutes actual Relaxation & Wellness only in Saman Relax Centers.

Saman Massage Sesame

(Scrub with grain sesame)!!
The major minerals and trace elements contained in sesame seeds is calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and selenium. (Note: The trace elements are found already in the Healing Waters). Specifically selenium has the ability to protect us from ultraviolet radiation, skin cancer and passed as the most appropriate anti-inflammatory that reduces redness, itching and dryness of skin. Perfect Touch the first time

Eye Massage

Massaging eyes with the power of magnetotherapy ... an original experience that will not only relieve but will give you such a direct stimulus to make you see colors more vivid! Ideal also for migraines, astigmatism, eye dark circles, eye bags.

Saman Face Massage

Massage anti-wrinkle facial and relaxing scalp. Supplied individually and during use of electronic body massage. Total time 20 minutes.

Saman Finger Touch

The Saman Finger Touch has techniques applied to the head, spine and whole body. By handling the Saman Finger Touch tissues apegklovizoun release tension and trauma. Thereby achieve an overall balance of the organism in psychomotor level. It is generally ideal for relaxation, stress elimination, prevention, rejuvenation, renewal, balancing the body-mind-soul-spirit.

Color therapy (Blue)

During the body massage possible diffusion of the color blue. The blue light research helps to intuition, the higher cognitive functions, is a sedative (especially in times of tension) and then used for palliative purposes, mainly headaches.

Color therapy (rainbow)

During the massage the body there is the possibility of diffusion of different colors. Ancient cultures knew the secrets of color and always able to draw strength, energy and pleasure from them. The sacred colors, Red, Yellow and Blue, which by their combinations created everything else, beneficial to the human body on a physical, emotional and mental level.

Saman Hot Stones

The Saman Hot Stones massage involves a combination of three types: Swedish, Shiatsu and Indian massage using hot volcanic stones ideals to absorb the accumulated negative energy that is trapped between the vertebrae .. Feel really, light body! Duration 40 '- 45 minutes