In all Saman Relax Centers, you will find everyday unique treats, wellness and relaxation. You can choose one of our specially designed packages, which include a combination of our services at unique prices.

Offer Integrated SPA:

OFFER 1st: 30€ Saman Massage Electronic 40min - 30min rehabilitation & 30min thermal bath: 80€ from 100€ for 2 adults.. save 20%.. Book now!

OFFER 2nd: 90€ Integrated SPA with (Massage & Bath in Prive Pool - Public Pools) 2 people - total duration of 100min!! Book now!

OFFER 3rd: 120€ Integrated SPA with (Massage + Herbal Spa Converter in Prive Swimming Pool + Platter (Fruit or 4A White Wine Cheese) - Private Pools) 2 persons - total duration of 100min!! This offer can only be found in Karavia Lux Inn Hotel at Pelio.

GENERAL PROGRAMS Wellness & Relaxation: from 20€