Center at Loutra Pozar

The main store Saman Relax Center is located in Pozar, just 100 meters from the last hotel of the village and just 50 meters from the entrance to the spa (new pools).


New Prive Wellness Multiplex ... just 5 minutes from Pozar Baths! - RESERVATIONS: (+30) 2384 091209
Production of Body Care Products : P. Mela 26/ Aridaia / Macedonia / 58400

Centers at Thessaloniki

Now you can visit us on the ground floor of the GK. Papageorgiou. In the store you can choose a variety of benefits such as hairdressing, cosmetics, and Beauty and Body Care products from the SamanDust (SD) ./ tel: +30 2313323107 & 6999214092.